Welcome to Cheemo Bettas!

Composed of two (2) people Cheese & Nemo, CheemoBettas is here to teach people how to properly care for their own Betta fish!

Everything from setting up a PROPER Betta tank to treating illnesses and sexing your Betta.


CheemoBettas is here to bring you factual information about Betta fish. We want to make sure every household Betta is healthy and happy by educating Betta owners. The founders of CheemoBettas has had years of experience with Betta fish and can teach you to care properly for your own.

In the Betta FAQ we have composed some of the basic Betta Care information for quick and easy lookup. If you have any questions or comments please use the Contact Us tab at the top of the page. You can also Register and become a Member of CheemoBettas and post questions, answers as well as pictures of your own Betta fish. 

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